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Media project helps journalists to better cover linguistic and ethnic diversity in Kyrgyzstan

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Media project helps journalists to better cover linguistic and ethnic diversity in KyrgyzstanThe Through Diversity to Sustainable Development conference to be held on November 27, 2014 in Bishkek is going to expand the discussion on this topic.

In order to cover real needs of the Kyrgyzstan society, such topics have been selected for discussion as the principles of sustainable national development in terms of diversity, the unifying role of the state language in polyethnic Kyrgyzstan, and new methods of its study, creation of multilanguage content, diversity in the media, internet, movies and arts.

The Encouraging Diversity through Media project implemented by the School of Peacemaking and Media Technology with financial support of the Freedom of Information Program of Soros Foundation – Kyrgyzstan improves the skills of journalists in constructive coverage of intercultural dialog, country development through the support of diverse and multilanguage environment, and also encourages the discussion of issues focused on the development of civil identity.

The first discussion, Civil Identity: Unity in Diversity. The Role of Media, Government and Society(more about the conference: link), held in June 2014, demonstrated the interest of authorities, executives of local media, scientists and experts in the need for promotion of the diversity and multilingualism ideas so that all residents of Kyrgyzstan could feel themselves comfortably and equally.

"I think this project is important and necessary,” Ainura Temirbekova, deputy minister of culture, information and tourism of the Kyrgyz Republic, said. "Such projects help public officials and media find things in common in such a sensitive issue and come to understanding on what should be said about diversity and how it should be said.”

Intensive five-day workshop was held as part of the training component in July by experienced foreign media trainers from Spain and Kazakhstan jointly with the expert of the department of ethnic and religious policy and interaction with the civil society of the Kyrgyz Republic Presidential Administration.

This new training approach is based on creation of synergy between sessions, which topics were based on the combination of academic knowledge on diversity, its coverage in the media, use of contemporary terms and concepts, main trends of the Concept of National Unity of the Kyrgyz Republic and interethnic relations and new language policy of the Kyrgyz Republic, the role of the state in execution of these documents.

During the workshop, 17 selected journalists of local media were trained in the media content tools focused on diversity, improved their understanding in ethnic and language policy of Kyrgyzstan, learned to use multimedia services, and also created their own media projects (more about the training: link) As a result, 6 finalists received grant support from the Freedom of Information Program of Soros Foundation – Kyrgyzstan and started implementing their ideas.

"After the training we felt easier when working with topics covering ethnic issue because now we have all necessary skills and tools of interaction with ethnic groups,” Ernist Nurmatov, editor-in-chief of online portal based in Osh, said.


The content analysis of 14 broadcasting, print and online media demonstrates that the quality of reports and articles has improved lately; journalists started talking more on diversity, showing the history of coexistence of diverse language groups and their contribution to the development of Kyrgyzstan. However, the media still has to work more on improving this trend, which should be felt by all Kyrgyzstan residents every day.

The Encouraging Diversity Through Media project is focused on development of diversity content, strengthening of the constructive role of media in interethnic dialog, improvement of professional skills of journalists covering cultural, language and ethnic diversity topics.

For additional information please contact Alika Karabaeva, coordinator of the Encouraging Diversity through Media project at +996312 69 40 15, +996772 21 32 57, email:

About organization: School of Peacemaking and Media Technology is a non-profit entity, which activities support freedom of expression and access to information, development of independent and honest journalism, encourage media in crisis areas in order to strengthen stability and democracy in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia.

Main programs of the School:

-training of journalists, editors and media managers;

-encouragement of public discussions and dialog;

-researches, analytical reviews, media monitoring and expert reviews;

-mentoring and media counseling;

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