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Our mission

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School of Peacemaking and Media Technology is a nonprofit media development organization focusing on peace research, advocacy, and training on media issues. Organization vision statement aims at supporting freedom of expression, access to information and citizens making informed opinions and decisions as a means of promoting an informed, democratic and tolerant society. We as well promote free and fair journalism in areas of crises and conflicts in Kyrgyzstan and the Central Asian Region.

Our organization was established in June 2010 after ethnic violence in the southern Kyrgyzstan for mediation and peacemaking training and capacity building of the local community in the post-conflict period. School of Peacemaking was registered as a Network of Social Mediators Public Foundation.

The school’ basic curriculum is multi-level trainings-workshops for the reporters and civil activists from multinational groups, encouragement diversity, peace, conflict resolution. Journalism in crisis is often in crisis itself, there is lack of funding and independence, lack of professional skills and ethics. Therefore, the primary mission of the School of Peacemaking and Media Technology is the introduction of professionalism in the media community, the international standards, the promotion of peace journalism, training, production of crisis reporting and the preparation of media personnel for the local media and on-line publications are provided by the School.

The professional team of experts and trainers of the Schools, consisting of experienced international and local media professionals and peacebuilders, who have worked in conflict zones for a long time, developed the concept of post-conflict peace journalism in Kyrgyzstan. Basing on the concept, for nearly three years, trainings on destruction of stereotypes and clichés, overcoming the image of enemy, the construction of an open dialogue between the different ethnic communities, post-conflict rehabilitation of society through the media, for local reporters are successfully conducted by the School. Trainers of the Schools during the training introduced new media tools for peacemaking journalism — the production of team reports. Initially, these techniques have been successfully implemented in the post-conflict period in Macedonia, the Balkans, and in 2012 during the Winter School they were implemented into our curriculum by Eran Fraenkel, author of the course.

Media Monitoring Group, based in the field office in the south, has been researching content of Kyrgyz-, Uzbek- and Russian-language media for the presence in them of hate speech and contentious stereotypes.

These studies provide the basis for the development of training materials, as well as make recommendations to government, NGO, media community. On the basis of a specific methodology, experts also examine the state of ethnic media, analyze media coverage of peace factors and their impact on the internal politics of the countries of Central Asia, and conduct surveys of consumers of information in the border areas and conflict-Fergana Valley.

During its existence, the School of Peacemaking and Media Technology, has trained several activist groups, human rights advocates and crisis managements in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. They have gained experience in mediation techniques, and methods of the basic elements of the negotiations between the warring parties, have learned to understand the causes of biased perception of the crisis and develop packages for their work during and after the conflict. This technique belongs to the Harvard School of negotiations, the United States and was first implemented in our training course graduates of Harvard, who are actively working with our training projects.

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  • Military men near the aftermarket during mass clashes, Osh, June 201

  • Training’s participants on mediation and conflict management are building the Tower of Peace, Bishkek, April 2011

  • Training in destroying stereotypes for journalists, Bishkek, April 2012

  • Workshop on production of team reporting in multinational journalist groups, Bishkek, August 2012

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